Magda Prokopowicz, the Founding Mother of the Rak’n’Roll Foundation.

She was 27, when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. During the treatment, became pregnant — most probably thanks to great love, violating the laws of medicine (they said it was not physically possible — yeah, right). One after another, the doctors advised either to terminate the pregnancy and continue with the treatment, or give up chemotherapy. Owing to her own perseverance and her husband’s support, they eventually found a Doctor who helped them. It turned out cancer treatment does not have to exclude pregnancy. When Leon was born, Magda decided to share this “secret knowledge” and start a foundation that would help pregnant women with cancer, as well as other patients; in 2009, she founded the foundation named “Rak’n’Roll. Wygraj Życie!” (“Rak’n’Roll. Win your life!”). Magda passed away in June 2012.



What we have managed to achieve so far:

1. We show you can and you should take care of your looks also during the cancer treatment! It motivates and gives so much power!

2. We have helped more than 250 Beneficiaries collect funds for their treatment and navigate through the complex healthcare system.

3. We provide over 600 hours of free psycho-oncological assistance and offer helpline support every Wednesday.

4. Over 1,700 wigs have made our bald beauties happier, thanks to the “Daj Włos!/Odbierz perukę” hair donation program.

5. We have renovated waiting rooms in cancer treatment centers, so that they give patients more energy to combat the disease. So far we completed such renovations in: Katowice, Olsztyn, Poznan, Zielona Góra, Wieliszew and the Institute of Oncology in Warsaw.

6. We initiated the Divine Mothers’ Day on October 6.

7. We have been showing how to master the art of love in the world with cancer — KancerSutra.

8. We have provided care and support to 160 Divine Mothers (“Boskie Matki”) — pregnant women, like Magda, diagnosed with cancer.

9. We have painted a mural to show that Divine Mothers are among us and need our support.

10. We have helped more than 100 cancer survivors manage the fear of cancer recurrence, learn to function without the disease and go through life after successful treatment — iPoRaku.

11. We show that overcoming one’s own limitations can motivate patients to overcome the disease as well as return to normal life after successful treatment. Rak’n’Rollers have cycled to the Tropic of Cancer and hiked to the Crown of Polish Mountains; they run marathons and mountain races, explore the world — Rak’n’Rolling.

12. We have launched the Rak’n’Roll Radio! We play with life and for life!

13. We help manage the experience of the terminal stage of cancer — Super HoSpa.

14. We have carried out public awareness campaigns to break the cancer taboo — Gadaj*Badaj, Pięknołyse, PhotosForLife, etc.

15. We have organized an innovative prevention campaign — “Coś do nich mam”. 7,000 women


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